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Price - Rs.3000 (US $100) for a 2 page Website

more than that will be Rs.150 (US $15) per page


Note:This is a one time payable amount. After paying the above amount you don't have to pay us any annual charges.



Over half of the Web sites on the Internet today were designed over a two years ago and have not been updated to account for changes in Web tools and users.  Internet users today want content quickly, they are no longer willing to wait 5 minutes for a cool graphic to download.  Another problem businesses face is that the company or person who designed their site is no longer in business and they don't know who to turn to to update or go for redesigning of their site. 


When you come to us for website redesigning work we will first take a look at your site.  We are looking for dead links, search engine friendliness, slow download times, graphics that are too large, pages that contain too much content, etc.  We will then meet with you to learn more about your company and what you feel your Web site should be doing for you.  With this information we will create a custom re-design plan for you. 

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