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India bangalore

India bangalore website designing

India bangalore

 web site designing india bangalore
Website Designing

We design Web sites with a smooth, elegant style, international look, high impact, a Web-friendly palette, and fast-loading pages to produce the optimal Web experience: a site that gets it message across quickly and attractively.

While web designing, we work closely with our clients to develop a creative direction and architecture for the site, refining and building to meet the objectives our clients lay out for us. We believe that active client participation in the design and feedback along the way are crucial to creating a site that works for you.

Upon completion of site construction (once web designing is over),we test the site's functionality on multiple platforms and with multiple browsers. web-mantra will then undertake additional testing to ensure that the site is functioning properly.

Finally, we work with the client's staff to ensure that it possesses all the technical skills needed to maintain and update the site on a regular basis because content that is refreshed regularly is one of the cornerstones to having a site that receives repeat visitors. Our website package comes with free web hosting and domain registration for one year.

Logo Designing

Every website is anchored by a logo. At its best, a logo makes a strong first and lasting impression. We have talented designers on staff who can help you by designing a logo that works with your branding and for the online experience.

Graphic Designing

Our clients need sites that inspire people to care about issues and to get involved. Sites that feature a lot of bells and whistles, that not all users can see, don't serve this purpose well. We make sites that are graphically engaging and accessible to a broad range of Internet users.


Tools and languages we use


Here is a short list of tools and languages that we currently use :

ASP Cold Fusion Perl Active X PHP
Flash Java-Applets Animations 2D/3D Graphic Custom Graphics




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