Who wants to be Crorepati

Jassi tries his luck in Kaun Banega Crorepati.        

Amitabh : Ek hazaar rupeyo ke liye, aapka pehla sawaal. What does "C" stand for, in the term LIC? Aapke options:
A) Company B) Corporation C) Colony D) Cell.
Jassi : Corporation!
Amitabh : Sure?
Jassi : Hah!
Amitabh : Confident!
Jassi : Yes!
Amitabh : Lock kar doo!
Jassi : Haaji!
Amitabh : Computerji please lock option B - corporation.
Amitabh : Saahi jawab, aap ek hazaar rupey jeet gaye!
Amitabh : Apne itna mushkil sawaal kaa jawaab diya... ab apse mein ek simple sawaal karoonga...
Amitabh : Aapke pitaji ka naam kya hai?
Jassi : (sits silently)
Amitabh : (After a long pause) What is your father's name?
Jassi : (again sits silently, without uttering a word).
Amitabh : Aap chahe to aapke life lines istamal kar sakte hein.
Jassi : (still sits silently, says nothing)
Amitabh : Kya ab backout karna chahte hai?
Jassi : Oye nahi Amitji! Aapne abhi tak mujhe 4 options diye hi nahi!



Amitabh Bachchan is questioning chunnu on Kaun Banega Crorepati.

Amitabh: "Meri company ka naam kya hain?"
Options : A: Infosys, B: Wipro, C: ABCL, D: Hindustan Lever
Chunnu: "ABCL"
Amitabh: "Sure?"
Chunnu: "Sure."
Amitabh: "Confident?"
Chunnu: "Yes confident."
Amitabh: "Computerji 'ABCL' ko tala laga do."
Computer: "Oye lambu ABCL ko 2 saal se tala laga hua hai!"

Our favourite santa singh also went there to try his luck...

Amitabh: Santaji, 5 sawal ka jawab diye to Rs. 10,000 jeetiye. 15 jawab par 1 crore! Aapke paas teen lifeline hain. Ek hazaar rupee ke liye aapka pehla sawaal:
Who is India's Prime Minister? A: Vajpayee B: Advani C: Zail Singh D: Amrish Puri?
Santa Singh: Vajpayee.
Amitabh: Sure?
Santa Singh: Yes, sure.
Amitabh: Confident?
Santa Singh: Yes
Amitabh: Absolutely sure?
Santa Singh: Yes Amitji.
Amitabh: Lock kar dein?
Santa Singh: Yes.
Amitabh: Sahee jawab! Aap ek hazaar rupee jeet gaye hain!
Santa Singh: Oye! Saale, ullu mat banaa! Paanch jawab diye hain puray dus hazaar nikaal!

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