1 – Bugatti Veyron – Cost: $1,700,000


The accident took place just after 1 week of its delivery.



2 – McLaren F1 – Cost: $1,307,000


This car belongs to and was crashed by famous comedian Mr. Beans.


3 – Ferrari Enzo – Cost : $1,000,000


Suleiman Kermov, a seriously wealthy Russian parliamentarian was critically injured after his Enzo met its demise in a fiery crash.


4 – Lamborghini Diablo – Cost : $ 299,000


This car belongs to WWW champion Huilk Hogan and was crashed by his son.


5 – Lamborghini Murcielago – Cost : $279,900


A pretty young hostess wanted a ride in this Lamborghini and the older driver happily agreed. The driver, trying to impress the girl, took the car to speeds which he couldn’t control. The car veered off the highway, flipped over and burst into flames. Both occupants were killed.