voice mail

Imagine what would happen if GOD installs Voice Mail in Heaven.

When you pray, you will get this response:

“Hi, Thank you for calling Heaven. If you want to speak to

Lord Ganesha – Press 1
Lord Shiva – Press 2
Lord Krishna – Press 3 ( Sorry, he is Busy with “Gopiyan ” )

For a Directory of other Gods / Goddess -
Press 4 For Further Assistance from Menka / Pari / Angels – Press *. You press 1 and get connected to Ganeshji and hear the Following message :

If you want to make a request – Press 5 For complaints / Grievances -
Press 6 ( Seldom works) For thanks giving – Press 7 For any thing else ,

please press 8 and wait for the Customer Support Angel to talk to you If you would like to hear Naradji (TOLLFREE) singing Bhajan while you are holding – Press * After a few minutes comes the following message :
“Our records show that you have already prayed once today. Please try again tomorrow . Meanwhile , if you require any emergency assistance, please contact our offshore Customer Support Executive priest of your nearest temple. Thank you for calling Heaven