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Most of us sit in a single position for the whole day in the office, and in the morning / evening drive all the way to our places.

As a result at night, while going to bed, many of us experience a slight pain in the back.

DON’T IGNORE IT AT ALL…..this may lead to many further diseases and disabilities as well….

Don’t panic, just do the following exercise for min 10 mins every morning and shoot off the back pain.
Enjoy a healthy living….


Pfishing“, sometimes spelled “Phishing“, is a word that’s used to describe a method of identity theft where con men use fake e-mail that looks like it comes from legitimate sources. This e-mail is designed to hoodwink you into giving out personal and financial information.

Once the scammers receive your information they use it to either clone your identity or to empty out your bank accounts and run up your charge cards. Here are some tips on how to avoidbecoming the next victim.

1. Never respond to an e-mail that looks like it came from your bank or any ofyour credit card issuers no matter how official it appears. Phishing scame-mails will tell you that there is some problem with your account and that you have to click on an embedded link to correct that problem. They may threaten to close your account, or report you to the credit bureau, if you do not respond. DON’T DO IT.  Don’t call the telephone number that appears in the email either. Get out one of your old bank or credit card statements and call the number that appears there. Explain what the email says and follow the directions that you receive from the actual employee. Chances are they’ll tell you its a scam.


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